From the Director’s desk:

We welcome and thank you for visiting the website of Habil Holdings Pvt Ltd. As a Sourcing and Project Management Consultancy Company Habil Holdings Pvt Ltd has achieved steady growth with acknowledged product quality via ongoing quality strategies and development .

The quality of our people is the cornerstone of our ability to serve our clients. For this reason, we invest tremendous resources in identifying exceptional people, developing their skills, and creating an environment that fosters their growth as leaders.

Your interests and recommendations are much appreciate.


To become a leading & globally-preferred Sourcing and Project Management Consultancy in India. The simple strategy adapted in this journey to excellence is, "We succeed when our customer does".


We shall be efficient, proactive and transparent in our policies and dealings. We work on the values of integrity, empathy and flexibility. We believe in seeing things from our customer’s perspective and are willing to be flexible to address their issues and needs.


We are driven to find a better way to provide Growth Opportunities to our Employees, Suppliers & Stakeholders while adhering to the business philosophy of Total Quality Management (TQM) & our core values.

Why US?

India has a lot to offer, however due to its size, cultural diversity and unique nature of production centers to take maximum benefit of the potential, one must either have one's own office here, or have representation - which could handle things on similar professional lines. Habil Holdings plays the role of your Indian Counterpart.

Some of the important qualities which help us score over our competitors are:
  • Buyers minimize their business risk when they buy through us as we keep regular control over quality during production process and ensure coordination with the vendors for on-time delivery
  • We identify vendors, negotiate rate, check in-process quality, perform pre-shipment inspection and many other functions on behalf of buyer
  • We develop our suppliers, by which the business raises to the next level

  • We establish, define, and govern the relationship.

  • Observe, monitor, improve, and sustain operations
  • Transfer technology and maintain quality inspections
  • Train management and their workforce
  • Enforce environmental and social compliance
  • Identify and mitigate all sources of risk
  • We facilitate your all visits to product specific fair’s being held in India, conferences and meetings with vendors


Habil Holdings is a great way to source new products. Buyers will benefit from a professional identification & screening process, and you will have full information over your supply chain.


Habil Holdings sourcing team, having gained experience in the sourcing industry with wide range of product categories; the company has envisioned its long-term future in India and is recognized by a diverse client base of prominent retailers and brands as the partner for strategic global sourcing.

Sourcing with Absolute Advantage

An extensive business sourcing network enables us in meeting the needs of international businesses through competitive pricing; impeccable quality; on-time delivery; reliable; and the highest standards of service.


As we source merchandise without involving wholesalers, trading companies and other intermediaries; client margins are the best; which results in high profits with the help of world-class experienced team. We source merchandise as per client requirements and monitor every step for better execution and delivery.

Integrity and Professionalism

Our teams have established relationships with reliable vendors around the country, and intimately understand indigenous policies and business practices that influence the production of goods; thus maintaining high level of Integrity and Professionalism.


The team follows the properly laid out process and customized formats for each process by taking approvals from the buyer at all required milestones. The team ensures that all the procedures, systems and processes are well institutionalized among the teams of vendor partners and followed to meet buyer’s expectations.


The team enforces a rigorous ‘Vendor Code of Conduct’ to ensure the highest ethical sourcing and production standards. All team members extensive training to gain awareness, knowledge and necessary skills to meet compliance requirements. Systematic inspection process, audits and comprehensive vendor education ensure production from socially responsible vendor partners distinguishes us from other buying agents.


Our company prides itself on keeping the buyers updated with the order status at each required stage; sample development, processing of purchase orders to cost negotiation, trouble shooting at pre-production or production stage, monitoring time lines and shipping alerts. These activities of keeping the client informed, encompass merchandising, quality and logistics, make overseas production planning and inventory management that much simpler for our clients.

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